Renovating or moving house? Secure storage for all your belongings

According to The Self Storage Association greater numbers of homeowners are now beginning to use storage facilities, driven by the increasingly buoyant property market. In fact, the proportion of space rented by private customers rose to 40% compared with businesses at 60%. It makes sense: we all accumulate so many items and so much ‘stuff’ these days – and we can’t bear to part with it – so why not put it somewhere safe until we need it again? Read on to find out about two situations where safe storage is the perfect solution.

Storage options during a challenging house move

Moving home is challenging there’s no doubt. Even more so when you’re packed up ready to move and the chain breaks or gets delayed. This can even happen on your designated move date – we’ve heard all the stories! So what do you do when you’re all packed up ready to move, your belongings are in boxes, and you need to leave your current accommodation with nowhere to go?

Many of us are lucky enough to be able to stay with friends and family until the issues are ironed out, but what about all your furniture and belongings? In these circumstances you might consider distributing everything across several counties, in people’s garages, spare rooms and sheds. But it doesn’t need to be this way. You’ll only compound your stress levels even further, and potentially lose or damage items. Professional and secure household storage is a viable, cost effective and stress-free way of storing furniture and personal bits and pieces, in the long or short term. Your things will be kept all together, locked up and secure, and safe and dry, until you need them again. Once you’ve found new accommodation you can get your stored items delivered, without having to try and remember which relative or friend you left them with!

Temporary household storage during home renovations

If you are planning to renovate your home, household storage is also a great option. Even if you are embarking on a small renovation project, your items will still get shifted from room to room, risking damage and causing inconvenience for you. Even just getting some plastering work done, or some decorating, could put your belongings at risk. Nobody wants plaster or paint on their precious furniture. Choosing household storage is a really good idea, and it’s worth the cost too. Imagine the expense (and heartache) of replacing broken or damaged belongings that you could have stored safely instead.

Hous renovation

Whatever size self-storage space or container you need, House & Carriage can help. Our large, clean, dry and secure storage facilitiesand our experienced and friendly team are on hand to offer advice about which type of storage solution is best suited to your needs and budget.

Plus, it’s really easy to set up. Just let us know the items you’d like to place in storage, and we’ll collect and pack them up into our containerised storage or self-storage areas. When you need them back (following your house move or post renovation work) we’ll then deliver your items safely back to their new location. There are no minimum timescales and you can even come and take a look at our storage facilities beforehand, for extra peace of mind.

If you are interested in storing with House & Carriage, at our impressive storage facilities, just fill in our form online or contact us

Likewise, if you have any queries, read our Storage Hints and Tips page that answers many of the frequently asked questions.

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