Use self storage to declutter your house room by room

There are so many uses that you can put your rooms to once self storage frees you of your clutter!

Clutter is one of the biggest causes of stress in our lives. Excessive clutter decreases productivity and task performance, and increases the level of cortisol; the stress hormone in the body. Clutter can also cause chronic restlessness, distraction and wasted time.

People in the UK use 37.6 million square feet of storage space, which is the equivalent of a staggering 268,500 removal vans. Yet many of us are still particularly bad at moving unwanted items into self storage. According to research from, citizens in the UK store more than five times as much clutter in their own homes compared to their counterparts in the rest of Europe. While one in two British people admit to holding onto things for longer than they should, one in three say they don’t like the idea of getting rid of their possessions.

With the average British household storing clutter worth in excess of £1,000, there is certainly scope for some to sell their items on websites like eBay and Gumtree. For the more civic-minded, there is also the option of giving unwanted items to charity shops.

However, there are some householders that prefer to store their items because they hold sentimental value or are particularly valuable. For those people, self storage is the perfect answer.

Self storage can help you acheive better emotional health

Before items can be shipped off to self storage facility, there’s the small business of sorting them from every room in the house. When rooms are full it can be a daunting prospect, but the benefits are clear. Once you have decluttered your property, you will feel more awake and energised, and be able to think more clearly. Cluttered houses are also much harder to clean, making them the perfect habitats for germs and pests, so you will be creating a more hygienic environment at the same time. By removing unwanted clutter you can also reduce your household chores and focus on the things that really matter in your life.

So, without further ado, let’s look at how you can actually go about removing the clutter from your home and the benefits you can gain from moving items into self storage facility near you.

The living room

Let’s start with the living room, which is invariably the largest room in most houses. It may be the case that you don’t need all the furniture in that room. There may also be trinkets and ornaments that you no longer want to have around but have sentimental value. By removing these items from your living room and putting them into self storage, you can create a more relaxing and comfortable environment to unwind in.

The conservatory

Conservatories have a nasty habit of filling up with all kinds of items, which home owners may be loath to remove. By clearing out your conservatory and putting items into self storage, you can create a more relaxing and comfortable environment for you to enjoy and to host friends during sunny days.

The kitchen

The kitchen is another room that can easily get cluttered. If you are an avid chef, you may end up with lots of pots, pans and gadgets that can take up a lot of space even in spacious kitchens. By moving some of your unused kitchenware into self storage, you can free up room to cook in, and create a more hygienic environment.

The loft

One house space that tends to get really cluttered is the loft. While it can be a cumbersome process to remove items from a loft, there are good reasons to do so. Once cleared, a loft can be converted. Adding an extra floor to your home can increase its value and give you the extra space that you’ve always wanted.

The study

Another room you might want to focus your attention on is your study. Some people claim to thrive in messy environments, but most of us like to work in a clean and tidy space, and find that we concentrate better when we have fewer things around us. It may be that you can get rid of a lot of items in your study, but you may also have invoices and statements that you need to keep for HMRC purposes. To keep these files safe you may want to put them into self storage.

Outdoor spaces

There are two outdoor places that are prone to getting cluttered; the garage and shed. By removing unwanted items from your garage, you can return it to its original function – a place to store your car! If you clear out your shed, you could turn it into a potting area over the spring and grow your own veggies… perhaps a crop of Iceberg Lettuce! After all, growing plants is supposed to be good for the soul.

Homes are meant to be places where you can relax and having lots of clutter around is proven to be bad for your wellbeing. Instead of trying to get rid of every single piece of clutter, why not make life easier for yourself and put the things you want to keep into self storage? Then you get the best of both worlds – nicer rooms to dwell in and a safe and secure place for your possessions.

If you need to declutter your house this year contact our team of self storage experts. We’ll chat to you about the items that you want to store and offer you advice to help you decide on the amount of storage space that you need.

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