Making home improvements this spring? Here are five reasons to use self storage

The ‘don’t move; improve’ philosophy is still going strong, with many homeowners choosing to renovate their current properties rather than facing the fuss – and fees – of selling up and moving on.

If you’re considering an extension, refurbishment, conversion – or simply want to make your home look nicer with a new spot of paint – here are five ways self storage can help you get your home improvements done with greater satisfaction and peace of mind.

Self storage it ‘til you need it

Even before you kick your project off, you might spot a beautiful corner sofa, the perfect carpeting, or ideal wood panelling at a great price. However before you bring in the new, you’ll probably need to decide what you’re doing with the old.

Why wait until you have the space? Self storage gives you the freedom to pick up those lovely new items as soon as you find them, and put them into safekeeping until you’re able to bring them into your new and improved home.

Get more space to think

If you’re working room-by-room, you’ll find you need to keep moving belongings around in order to give you the space you need. This can get frustrating when you end up giving your furniture a tour of the whole house, just to get it out of the way. Not only this, but you still need space to live – and it’s annoying to keep tripping over items in the rooms that aren’t being worked on.

Move your furniture into self storage and you’ll have much more space to live and work. If you have contractors in, it will give them more room for them to manoeuvre. And when you come to furnishing your new space, self storage can help you work through the process of general decluttering. It can give you space to decide what should come back into the house, what you’d rather get shot of, and what you’d like to keep in storage – just in case.

Protect your favourite things

As well as generally getting in the way, your belongings can be highly vulnerable to damage while you’re working on home improvements. Paint spills, chips, dust created by power tools, and the accidental tumbling of carefully piled-up goods are all common risks.

Self storage gives you a secure place to keep your valuable – and sentimentally valuable – possessions, safely away from any stray paintbrushes, errant pets and children, and accidental knocks from you or your contractors.

Make it easy on yourself

If you need to store your possessions somewhere, you’ll want to make sure they are easily accessible for when you need them again. Renovation projects can end up being unpredictable, and more time-consuming than first anticipated – and sometimes, asking the neighbour to use their garage just isn’t feasible.

House and Carriage offer easy-to-find and access self storage facilities in Oxfordshire. We can offer as much room as you need – whether it’s just for a few important items, or a whole house-worth of possessions. You can store your things with us for as long as you need – there’s no minimum term. And we can collect and deliver them too.

Lower your stress

If you’re planning a significant home overhaul you’ll know the commitment, time and effort that goes into organising the changes, as well as actually putting them into action. Maybe you’ll need to take some time off work, and you’ll also be juggling normal day-to-day tasks while the project is happening. Overall, it can be a hugely stressful experience.

By using self storage, you’ll not only clear your rooms – but you’ll declutter your mind too, leaving you free to think both logistically and creatively about your plans. It’s one big thing less to worry about.

Whether you’re planning a loft conversion, summer conservatory or a house makeover this spring, get in touch with our team at House and Carriage to chat about our flexible self storage options.

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