Use temporary storage if you’ve been gazumped or dumped!

Nobody can predict the future. Sometimes life can pull the rug from under your feet, and surprise you in the worst ways. And two of the most stressful ‘life events’ are being gazumped, and being dumped.  If life gives you one of these lemons, you’ll likely face emotional upheaval as well as logistical considerations that you may not want to think about. At House and Carriage, we can’t make everything better again, but we can take some of the practical problems off your hands with our temporary storage. Here’s how..


It’s either happened to us or someone we know: they’ve found the house of their dreams and they’re all set to move in, but then the current owners pull out at the last minute, accepting a higher offer from somebody else. Gazumping is one of the most horrible – but common – dangers of moving. And if it happens to you, you may find yourself left high and dry with nowhere to go, with the new occupants of your old house knocking on the door…

If you’re facing a period with no fixed abode, you might be looking to stay in temporary accommodation – in a hotel, or if you’re lucky, with understanding friends or family. Whatever your plans, you’ll probably need to move your possessions out now.

Temporary storage with House and Carriage is an ideal solution. We can come in and quickly collect your belongings, so that at the very least you can hand your keys over to the new owners, safe in the knowledge that your possessions are secure.

Being gazumped can bring infuriating financial implications too, especially when you’ve been paying out fees for contracts and solicitors and admin. Fortunately our rates are really affordable, and you can ‘pay as you go’.

And there’s no minimum term – we can keep your things for as long as you like, so when you do find the next house of your dreams, you’ll be all set to move in – and we can help deliver too.


Nobody likes to go through a break-up. On top of the heartache – and arguments – there are all sorts of practical considerations that often people find themselves too emotionally strained to think about.

It’s harder and more complicated if you actually live together too – as no-longer-couples find themselves sorting through and divvying up all the things they bought either individually or together, from large items like furniture, to valuable items, to vinyl collections. And it’s harder still if you face the prospect of moving out and needing to find somewhere to stay. If you find yourself in this unenviable position, we can make things a little easier for you with our temporary storage. While you’re staying with friends, or back home with your parents getting emotional support, you can start the process of getting back on your feet knowing that your things are safely stored away.

You can find House and Carriage and sister company MyStore in really convenient locations, close to main roads in Oxfordshire – so there’s no endless driving around to find us. And you can come and drop by to pick up whatever you need, whenever you like – our friendly staff will be ready to help you. And when you’ve found yourself a new place to stay (perhaps even with the new love of your life) your possessions will be ready for you.

We hope you don’t find yourself being either gazumped or dumped, but it’s part and parcel of life’s rich tapestry, so just in case it does ever happen to you – or a friend – it definitely pays to know there are solutions to at least some of your problems.

Whatever your life event, whether you need to store a few boxes, or a whole house-worth of things, contact us today to find out about our temporary storage – as well as our other short and long-term options.

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