Multi-generational living: how long term storage can help families live in harmony

It’s not uncommon for different generations of a family to live under one roof. According to an Office for National Statistics report, households containing two or more families (whether related or not) were the fastest growing household type over the decade to 2017. More than 300,000 of these households were counted in 2017 – an increase of more than forty per cent – up from 215,000 households in 2007.

With different generations sharing homes, the issue of space becomes particularly significant. Communal spaces must be allocated, and issues of privacy must be managed. For all sorts of multi-generation scenarios, long term storage can really help to solve practical issues, and help to ease tensions too.

When the grandparents move in

Sometimes it makes sense for the grandparents to move into your property. Often it’s to save money, or to be closer to give them necessary care and company. However it can also mean a big change in living arrangements: for instance older folk may not want to face climbing a staircase every day, so may need a bedroom downstairs. They will also bring a lifetime of possessions and furniture, and you’ll need to decide what you have room to keep. But there’s no reason to throw any of their treasured belongings away – long term storage is the ideal solution, preferably with a collection and delivery service, and easily accessible units.

When the young couple are looking to buy

A huge factor that’s probably driving the upswing in multi-generational homes is the cost of buying. The challenges of getting onto the property ladder has led to ‘Generation Rent’ – an increase in young adults living with their parents until they can afford a home of their own. This often means that parents will share space with – for instance, a daughter and the daughter’s partner.

While in many situations families will happily co-exist, tensions will naturally arise when all people involved are craving independence and privacy. Allocating rooms and clearing space by putting inessential things into long term storage can help to give families the breathing space they need. Young people looking to buy may also be acquiring goods for when they finally secure a property. Long term storage ensures that any furniture or crockery bargains can be snapped up, and kept safe until there is a place for them.

When you need to build out

If sharing a home with different generations is likely to be a permanent arrangement, then you may need to bring in the builders. According to a Buy Association report, around 125,000 homes a year are converted to help families live together – and this number is likely to increase. With more space, the challenges of living together can be greatly eased.

During extensions and renovations there will be power tools and dust, and builders in and out of the house, so you may be best to move valuable and fragile items out of the way. In our long term storage facilities you’ll get safe and secure care for your items in temperature-controlled storage, and we can professionally pack your valuables.

Making space for family

Living together with families can bring complexities, but with the right planning and arrangements, your shared home can be a rewarding and harmonious environment in which to spend happy times with your nearest and dearest.

House and Carriage can help you to make the best of multi-generational living, through our Oxfordshire long term storage options.

Call us today to chat through your individual situation and needs, and we’ll be happy to help.

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