Can’t locate your bucket and spade? Use storage to organise your summer kit!

There’s nothing worse than opening up your garage or shed and being greeted by cobweb infested clutter that was thrown in there last summer! If you’re suffering from the curse of ‘I’ll organise that in a few weeks when the kids go back to school’ and never actually got around to it, then perhaps a little helping hand might be in order. The current heat wave may be a blessing for sun worshippers. Yet when you find that your camping kit/garden furniture/bucket and spade or hammock is looking a little worse for wear because it hasn’t seen the light of day over the past year, considering storage for your items could prove a worthwhile and time-saving investment for the future.

Preventing damage to garden furniture

It is often underestimated how much garden furniture costs until you realise you have to replace it. This important aspect of your garden may only make an appearance for a few months of the year but to keep it looking its best, storing it carefully can help to preserve its appearance for years to come. Rather than just hiding it away in a damp shed over the winter months, choosing a local storage solution could be a great investment. Local storage options give you plenty of room to keep your garden furniture in a clean, secure and damp-free environment at an affordable cost.

Keeping travel essentials in good condition

If you enjoy summer in the great outdoors, then you may have plenty of camping gear and travel essentials that get left in damp and dusty conditions in your garage or shed in the winter. To save any critters from making holes in your expensive tent, walking gear or camping essentials, using storage facilities will keep them dry and bite-mark free over the winter months.

Organising your summer essentials

Having a shed or garage space that is free from clutter is also perfect for being able to quickly locate your bucket and spade/BBQ/sprinkler and parasol. Long and short-term storage solutions provide a tidy and external space to put all the things you don’t need on a regular basis into an organised environment. This frees up that much-needed storage space for things that you do use on a regular basis. It also means that you can walk into your spaces and find exactly what you need without searching around and reorganising piles of mess.

Storage solutions for summer kit

With the recent soaring temperatures in the UK, finding what you need quickly and without getting stressed and sweaty is a must. No-one wants to get hot and bothered trying to find last year’s fan! Check out the items you need during the heatwave that you could store in our storage facilities at a very low costthroughout the rest of the year:


•Paddling pools

•Garden furniture


•Camping and caravanning equipment



•Wind breaks

•Beach kit


•Walking gear

•Rucksacks and backpacking kit

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy entertaining outside, travelling or soaking up the sunshine in your garden or on the beach. Having your furniture/tent/bucket and spade/hammock and everything else looking its best and easily locatable helps to save you cash on replacements each year. To keep everything looking in top condition and immediately ready to use, contact House & Carriage to discuss how our storage solutions could work for you.
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