Why interior designers recommend self storage when redesigning your home

Today, the strains and stresses of modern lifestyles mean that without self storage our homes can feel permanently messy and cluttered. Finding ways to retain order and bring joy back into our home environment has never been more pressing, and a tranquil living space is often considered fundamental to a peaceful mind.

There are so many options now for redesigning your home to suit your tastes and lifestyle. From vintage lighting to beautiful art, there’s sure to be some fantastic ideas out there that will suit you and help you feel at home. But whether you’re planning to bring in a professional interior designer, or roll up your own sleeves and get stuck in independently, it’s definitely worth clearing the house of clutter before you get started. And self storage with House and Carriage in Oxfordshire is a great option to bring beauty and harmony to your home, with minimal stress.

Getting down to the bare essentials

There’s a trend among many design philosophies for stripping homes back to the bare essentials. William Morris, the 19th Century textile designer famously advised: “Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. The teachings of Feng Shui focus on surrounding the home with positive energy, while KonMari offers a way of life that encourages cherishing the things that spark joy and getting rid of the things that don’t.

Whatever your reason for redesigning your home, and whatever your philosophy, clearing your home of furniture and clutter before you start decorating pays dividends. Interior designers need to be able to show you their concept; by seeing a room without your things in, they can visualise and redesign the room with ease. Designers can also sketch out drawings, helping you to see their vision for your home and inspire you. Working with your designer or your loved ones, you can then decide which of the items you currently own ‘spark joy’ and should be kept in the new scheme, and which to sell on or keep in self storage.

Finding a home for what you don’t need

When the work starts, time is money. Getting everything out and into self storage helps with logistics and makes way for the plasterers, builders, decorators to do their jobs. It means you remove their fear of getting dust on the Egyptian rug you haggled for, for over an hour, when you were on your honeymoon, or of breaking Aunt Hilda’s ugly but sentimentally valuable cranberry glass vase.

Our self storage units keep your belongings safe, secure and dust-free. We have a fast collection and delivery service and you have easy access to your items. When your work is complete, we can move your possessions back into your home at a time to suit you. And, if you can’t bear to part with that family heirloom that doesn’t fit with your chosen aesthetic and philosophy for your refreshed home, we’ll keep it in secure self storage, leaving you to enjoy your beautiful new uncluttered living space.
At House and Carriage we take enormous pride in our customer service, and would be delighted to chat with you about your self storage needs. We think William Morris was onto something when he said: “No work which cannot be done with pleasure in the doing is worth doing’. We couldn’t agree more.
With its bespoke self storage solutions, House and Carriage in Oxfordshire can help your living space feel like a home again. Visit our website and contact us today.
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