Use self storage to store your gazebo, wind breaks, lilo and sunhats!

As the weather turns wet and evenings become chilly, it’s time to bid a fond farewell to one of the hottest UK summers in recorded history. The summer of 2018 will be remembered for 30-degree-plus temperatures, for millions of Britons deciding to forego the Med in favour of a staycation, and for a nationwide shortage of family-sized paddling pools, as we invested in things to help us make the most of the balmy weather.
Now as autumn approaches – and many of us look forward to bonfires and crisp autumn walks – we should take the time to clean and store our garden furniture, gazebos, tents, fans, paddling pools, barbeques and summer clothes. Instead, however, our much-loved summer things often get thrown in the garage, shed, summerhouse or loft where, if not stored properly, they get damp and mouldy over the winter.
While we live in a ‘disposable culture’, it’s much better for the environment – not to mention more cost effective – to care for your things, rather than continually sending them to landfill only to rebuy again next year. House and Carriage can help you organise your life and keep your house and garage free from clutter. Our self storage enables you to store everything in one place, freeing up valuable space in your home – safe and dry and easy to find next year.

Here’s how to look after some of those essential summer items for next year:

Baskers and BBQers: garden furniture

Chairs, tables and benches, gazebos and umbrellas all benefit from being inside in a dry environment over the wet winter months and take up a huge amount of storage space at home. Clean your wooden or metal furniture before you store it all by washing it with a sponge and warm soapy water, rinsing and leaving it to dry. There’s no need to treat wooden furniture prior to storage with us if you don’t have time as it will be stored in a dry environment and can always be treated prior to use next summer.

Modern plastic furniture is more weather resistant but can still grow algae in the nooks and crannies, making it difficult to clean. So consider self storage – well out of the rain – to keep it looking good and extending its life.

Wilderness wanderers: camping gear

Wind breaks, rucksacks, tents, camping chairs, sleeping bags and airbeds have become vital equipment for festival-goers and staycationers alike! Tents should ideally be clean and dry when you pack them away. If you had to pack yours away in the rain or on dewy grass, then it’s worth taking it out of its bag to dry out properly before it goes to storage, where it will remain snug.

Tents can be hung over a washing line to dry or, if you have room, pitched to dry out in the sun. They should be dried naturally, and never placed next to a radiator as this could damage the fabric. As soon as spring comes and a warm weekend is forecast you can access your gear immediately without having to rifle through garage clutter!

Paddlers and ping-pong players: summer toys

As with tents, inflatable pools or lilos should be packed away clean and dry or they are liable to go mouldy. They’ll stay in great condition in House and Carriage’s temperature-controlled self storagehowever. Also, if you kept the box that the item came in, it can protect the plastic fabric from tears and ensure that when the 30-degree temperatures come around next time (we hope) you won’t have to deal with any punctures to ruin the party.

Hawaiian shirts and floaty skirts: summer clothes

If you have invested in some new summer clothes this year then you’ll want to be sure that they are in great condition for next summer. It also feels liberating to organise your wardrobe and to store the summer clothes you don’t need – with better access to all the winter clothes that you do want to wear – until the temperatures start to rise again.
So, make room, it’s time to get the car back in the garage! To keep all of your summer essentials in great condition for next year, and immediately accessible whenever you need them, contact House and Carriage to discuss how our self storage solutions could work for you.
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