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This summer has been extremely warm for all of us. Moving furniture in around 27 degrees Celsius is not ideal. But when Rachel Townsend-Green moved house over three hot and sticky days in early June, “professional” House & Carriage did not fail to disappoint.

Tried and tested service

Rachel first used House & Carriage to move a few items of furniture to her London flat. She was so impressed with their quick and professional service that she decided to use them for her forthcoming house move. “I didn’t look for anyone else,” she says. “They did such a good job in London that I felt confident they could handle it.”

Split moving not a problem

House & Carriage are an Oxfordshire-based removals company and many of the moves they carry out are from one Oxfordshire town to another, in this case just five miles away. However, Rachel had a great deal of furniture that she did not want to take to the new house, so these belongings were taken by House & Carriage to her sister-in-law’s home near Chichester. House & Carriage took this job on before the actual move so Rachel had an easier task of packing without unwanted items getting in the way.

Fit for purpose

House & Carriage understand that small Oxfordshire villages can be difficult to manoeuvre around in large lorries, so instead they opt for smaller vans. According to Rachel: “These vans are so suitable for this area as there just isn’t space. With their small, agile vans, House & Carriage were able to load right from our doorstep.

No job too difficult

Rachel’s old cottage had a very narrow and winding staircase that almost doubled back on itself, and this made it difficult to bring large pieces of furniture, such as beds and wardrobes, down to the ground floor. House & Carriage persevered, taking items apart so they were able to bring them down the stairs without damaging them.

Careful handling

The family had a collection of artwork and an antique grandfather clock that needed the greatest of care. Rachel entrusted one the House & Carriage team to pack all of the artwork and the clock so they would not be scratched or damaged during transit. Rachel felt that he did a great job, saying: “He carefully packed everything up and marked it correctly so we can store it safely, ready to get out and put up after decorating.

Good humour and professional services

Rachel planned on renovating and decorating some of the rooms in her new house before furnishing. So in the meantime wanted to store items in an attic space. Despite this room being on the third floor and it being a very hot day, the removals team set to work moving things upstairs in good humour. Rachel felt that having the team around was so pleasant that she felt a little sad when it was time for them to leave. “It was as if they’d become part of the family, they were so amiable and fun to be around,” she said.

Stress-free moving

Rachel believes that she was in good hands with the Oxfordshire removals company. Since moving she has recommended their services to everyone she meets. “They run a tight business and they went a long way to make it fun and relatively stress-free,” she says. “Without exception they were all very helpful and friendly and I would definitely use them again.

Are you looking for a stress-free and professional removals company in Oxfordshire? Contact House & Carriage, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

BAR Accredited!

House & Carriage is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR). Which is the largest trade association in the removals sector, dedicated to promoting excellence in the removals and storage industry.

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