‘seamless service’ provided for seasoned movers

.The Blaylock family, now based in Combe, Oxfordshire, have moved 15 times in 20 years (including to Australia and back). They have used other removals companies in the past but have never been 100% satisfied with the service they received. Their most recent and very sensitive move took place in October 2016. This time they moved within the village, also helping an elderly relative that had been living with them, to move into their own property.

Immediately responsive and a clear quote

The Blaylock family contacted the company they had used for many of their previous moves. But when they didn’t follow up on the calls or the online application, the family decided to look elsewhere for removals quotes. Having seen the House & Carriage vans driving around the local area they decided to ask them to price up the move.

According to Jemma Blaylock: “We called the House & Carriage team who were immediately very responsive. They came around to our house and were able to quickly provide us with a clear quote. It was more expensive than we have paid in the past but this is definitely a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. We were so fed up with the previous company we used and on reflection, we appreciated that House & Carriage offered absolute value for money.”

Complete control

Jemma was feeling a little apprehensive about the move. Unfortunately, her husband could not be there due to work commitments. There was so much to get done that day, including making sure her mother-in-law was moved in and the previous house was cleared.

Blaylock believes that House & Carriage completely understood how she was feeling and took control of the situation. They even called her the day before the move and went to the house to begin packing the lorry where possible. Jemma was able to then see the ‘wood for the trees’ and ensured a head start before the actual day of the move.

The House & Carriage team arrived on time on the move day. Jemma says they were ‘smartly presented, courteous and very professional’. “They were very friendly with my boys and my mother-in-law, and they went above and beyond what they needed to do,” she says.

A well thought out move

According to Jemma, it soon became apparent that the team had a well mapped-out plan. It was not just a case of getting everything onto a truck and dumping it at the other end. “Everything was very well thought through,” says Jemma. “All our items were put in the right place first time and tables, beds and wardrobes were all assembled in the new house. Meaning all we had to do was unpack a few boxes.”

Meanwhile, a secondary team from House & Carriage was busy packing up and moving Jemma’s mother-in-law’s belongings to her new house. Jemma felt she could trust the teams in both houses without being supervised. “I just felt they cared,” she says. “And my husband was so pleased to learn there was hardly anything to do when he got back from work.”

Jemma’s new house had been freshly decorated and she wanted to keep it as pristine as possible. “There were just two scuff marks on the walls after the move and the team pointed these out to us. We have large pieces of furniture in a very old house with narrow passages and doorways so they did an excellent job of keeping it looking fresh and new.”

Jemma has since recommended House & Carriage to a friend who is moving to Vancouver. She has managed to save thousands of pounds by using House & Carriage for this complex move.

“The best crew”

Jemma concludes: “This was the best crew we have ever had. Although the price was more expensive than we have traditionally paid, I would not hesitate to promote House & Carriage to anyone I knew that was moving. In fact, I haven’t stopped waxing lyrical about them. I also want to call out the great service we received from Office Manager, Rebecca. She was responsive and timely with all correspondence. This instilled trust and the knowledge that there would be no issues with the move.”

If you’re looking to move in the future and require help with storage, removals or delivery, please get in touch.

BAR Accredited!

House & Carriage is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR). Which is the largest trade association in the removals sector, dedicated to promoting excellence in the removals and storage industry.

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